venerdì 17 febbraio 2012

Alexander Klingspor ,  Transformation
Visual Slices of the Mind   
inaugurazione martedì 1 March 2012 at Albemarle Gallery at 49 Albemarle  Street  dalle 18 alle 20 - London Albemarle Gallery, Londra
“My paintings reflect the world around me as I experience it. After all, that is what a painter does. He reflects what he sees. Hopefully my paintings will give the viewer an experience, a window into my world. I listen to the riddles of the night. From the nocturnal winter world of my hometown Stockholm comes my fascination for the night and it’s intriguing mood. I’ve always admired the old masters for their way to depict the relativity between light and dark. Without darkness no light can shine. And according to this universal rule I create my paintings.”

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